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At Brumby’s, we take pride in moulding the perfect creation born from simple ingredients. We share a passion and love for our craft like no other. We respect the history of artisan bakers that have come before us, and we honour their heritage with a fresh and creative approach.

The communities we operate in demand that “homemade” means “homemade”. This is an authentic promise because this is where the real inspiration comes from. We bring raw ingredients to life, by combining them with passion and love to create authentic, honest baked goods that inspire a desire to bake more.

History of Brumby’s Bakery

Here at Brumby’s, we pride ourselves on being a specialty bread retailer.

The Brumby’s system was first introduced to New Zealand in 1995. Since then, we have continually shared the passion of bringing you freshly baked bread made from scratch every single day using only the best ingredients. Add to that our delicious array of sweets and hot savoury products, and we have got all your bakery needs covered. Brumby’s are home grown for healthy homes!

New Zealand Charities and Local Community

We support many New Zealand Charities and local Communities by donating our unsold bread (those that do not include cheese or meat products) at the end of every day and believe that it’s important to support our local communities in fund raisers and community event days.


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